Our Services

Scholarship Program

Each year we provide a financial stipend intended to offset the cost of a post-secondary degree. We do this so that women can focus on building their future without the stress and financial burden. In addition to financial support, women have access to:

Academic Networks

We believe that education is at the cornerstone of women’s future and success, which is why we’ve aligned ourselves with academics across the nation to support our mission and women on a positive path.

One-on-One Mentorship

We connect women with personal champions to help and guide women as they network with industry professionals, find internships, and locate possible jobs. These mentors provide support, guidance, celebrate successes, and contribute to positive self-efficacy.

Social Systems Navigation 

Life is tough – and we’ve developed a rich social network within the larger community that’s committed to partnering with us to bridge life bridges for women. Together, we’re uplifting women in the East Valley.

Workforce + Professional Development Support

From seminars on how to overcome obstacles to public speaking and resume workshops, we’re committed to offering practical and applicable support for women as they navigate academic and workforce endeavors.

We’re in Good Company

Our Women’s Business Clothing Closet provides free, quality clothing to community members in need. Our closet exists to meet a basic need for women so that they can better focus on handling other stressors in their lives.

Request Clothing

The clothes on our back do more for us than provide warmth. We provide business clothing for women to provide free, quality clothing to community members in need. Our closet meets a basic need for women’s business attire so that they can focus on handling other stressors in their lives.

A New Leaf – Mesa Can

Food and shelter are two of our most basic needs. When these critical needs are not met, or gone altogether, it is significantly more difficult to reach our full potential. We’ve partnered with A New Leaf in Mesa to make food and shelter accessible so women can begin building (and reaching!) their dreams.

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