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Positive Paths Leadership consists of dedicated, forward-thinking trailblazers committed to advocating and providing services for women and their families to enhance the economic stability and security of the East Valley community. In 2014, Positive Paths became an independent non-profit organization with a vision to encourage others to invest in the futures of East Valley women in need, and to support women to be resilient and positive contributors to their communities.

Positive Paths Board of Directors is guided by the following values:

    • Collaboration

      Positive Paths encourages collegiality, teamwork, and cooperation between and among employees, board members, non-profit organizations, and the community.

    • Integrity

      Positive Paths employees and board members strive to be competent, responsible, reliable, honest, and ethical in both their personal and professional lives.

    • Accountability

      Positive Paths is committed to operating in an accountable manner as a non-profit organization, constantly re-examining and improving our practices, using donated funds in accordance with donor wishes and the organization’s mission, and regularly reporting on progress to the community.

Board of Directors

Kathleen Dowler, President

Director of Community Integration
Dignity Health

Janice Parker, President Elect

Inclusive Business Growth

Joyce McKinney, Treasurer


Imelda Castro

Director, Equipment Workforce
Intel Corporation

Rhonda Curtis

Vice President, Business
Wells Fargo Bank

Sandra Hudson

CEO Wealth Management
President, TrustBank Arizona

Marie Fotino

Personal Banking Manager
TrustBank Arizona

Caryn Gose

Economic Development Project
Salt River Project

Dr. Maria Hesse

Vice Provost, Academic Partnerships
Arizona State University

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