We support East Valley women by providing a life bridge to economic stability, personal growth, and professional achievement. During the course of the academic year, scholar-mentees attend individual and group mentoring meetings, as well as occasional workshops on topics of interest. The annual Night of Heroes Gala is typically held in the spring of each year and honors the East Valley Man and Woman of the Year. As of fall 2021, the organization had served 92 women with ongoing scholarship support and individual mentoring, while offering services to hundreds of other women.

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Karla earned her Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) credential through the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) in April 2022. She is currently interviewing for a nursing position and plans to work full-time after taking her state board exam. She would like to eventually return to school to become a registered nurse. She was motivated by the fact that her mother was able to earn an associate’s degree in business recently. Karla is the first person in her generation of her family in post-secondary education.


Our goal is to keep our community well-informed about who we are serving and the progress we are making. 

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