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Scholarship Program:

As of February 2020, Positive Paths has distributed over $155,000 in scholarship funds serving 63 East Valley women and counting. In addition to the distribution of scholarship funds, each woman we serve is provided with one-on-one mentoring. Mentors are professionals, often with experience in the chosen career path of the scholar with whom they are matched.

Scholarships assist individuals in attaining the education that is critical to strengthening family well-being and economic security. Particularly, single mothers typically have less education, lower household incomes, and higher poverty rates than other adults. Given that postsecondary education is associated with higher incomes, better health, and improved educational outcomes among children, increasing college attainment can have far- reaching, multi-generational benefits for families and communities. We can help improve college completion for women, contribute to the growing demand for highly educated workers, increase tax contributions, and reduce public benefits spending (see

Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year were accepted through May 22, 2020. Materials for the 2021-2022 academic year will be available by March 2021. We will leave the 2020 description and application form up, in case it is useful to obtain a sense of the program and criteria.

Mentoring Program:

Mentoring is proven to be a critical element of success by providing mentees with the opportunity to broaden their perspective, build social capital, navigate organizational politics more strategically, and muster up the confidence to ‘lean in’ and speak up when it matters most. In male dominated professions, where women often face greater challenges building networks and embracing feminine leadership strengths, mentoring has proven even more paramount.

The Positive Paths scholar/mentor program provides one-on-one mentors to women seeking to build their professional networks, increase skill sets, and increase their confidence in the formation of their professional identity.

In addition to the one-on-one mentors matched to our scholars, we provide mentoring workshops and events accessible to all East Valley women. These events provide networking opportunities with industry professionals and provide individuals with additional knowledge and skills necessary for personal and professional success.


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Professional Development Support:

Positive Paths invests in the futures of East Valley women to ensure the productivity and potential of the workforce in our community. We do this by assisting individuals in obtaining the skills and education needed for successful work performance. This includes providing individuals with public speaking opportunities, encouraging women to think aspirationally and step outside their comfort zones to take on new challenges. We assist women in acquiring a professional image that is appropriate for their career field, including business clothing, resume writing, time management, financial tools, decision-making skills, etc. In short, we amplify the ability for women to obtain and maintain successful employment.

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